Research participants needed: “Talking beyond the binary: queer and genderqueer speech”

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I’m in the process of recruiting participants/informants for my PhD research focusing on queer and genderqueer speech. I come at this as a queer and genderqueer/non-binary (as well as trans) person, therefore the research is being conducted from inside the community. I need participants from the following social/identity groups across a range of ages: genderqueer and/or non-binary people trans women … read more

“Lavender white green” or “Me, myself but not Irene” or “Time to be seen”

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Hello people. This is an open, emotionally uncharged/neutral, frank, matter of fact and honest message about me. It’s adapted from a message originally sent to my close family on International Trans Day of Visibility (Thursday 31 March 2016). Hence some of the assumptions made here about understandings of gender may not apply more generally, but given the huge variation in … read more