Short thoughts: EU referendum, the future, governance and education

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A few short thoughts following the United Kingdom’s (UK) European Union (EU) membership referendum, in part inspired by this and other recent journalism and reportage: We need a second referendum. The consequences of Brexit are too grave [trigger warning: one instance of a mental health term being used derogatorily by author]. It’s not over yet 52% is a wholly unreasonable … read more

Short thoughts: yes to LGBT-only student accommodation

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This is a quick response to the article No straight people allowed: students share views on LGBT-only halls. I agree with having the option of LGBT-only university accommodation in halls of residence in the same way that I agree with having the option of women-only or international-only (for instance) accommodation and for the same reason people still appreciate dedicated LGBT … read more

Unrequited hate and the hierarchies of evil

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Our cultural memory is flawed if we universally dislike anyone who dislikes us, or anyone who commits an act we consider to be evil. We need only travel back decades, not centuries, to find a time when it was the norm to ‘disagree’ with homosexuality. Are today’s younger generations filled with hatred at the very thought of their close ancestors … read more