I also use Tiger Cache Cleaner, but the purists will either want you to use cocktail or run it from the terminal, or not do it at all. I do so much heavy lifting with my macs that Tiger Cache Cleaner is a must for me. Give it a shot and run the standard stuff, then restart. It fixes 95% of the normal operating weirdness I encounter with.


Book an immersive cocktail experience to die for… In the heart of West London The Mind Palace, our secret Sherlock speakeasy, is home to The Case of the Poisoned Chalice – an immersive cocktail mystery experience.


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Sebastian Moran, Moriarty’s right-hand man, has brought you here to test you. Can you defeat his maniacal mind and make the perfect cocktail? Crack the case and find the ingredients – succeed and drink to your success; fail and this mistake may be your last.

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Experience includes a welcome drink, a set of four cases to solve and your own cocktail creation.

Cocktail Cache Cleaner

Tickets from £30, plus booking fee. Please note tickets must be purchased in advance.

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