What is Calibre DRM Removal Plugin? Calibre DRM Removal Plugin, known as Alf's DeDRM Plugin tool, is developed to remove DRM from eBooks, including Kindle, Kobo and Adobe DRM. There is no doubt that Calibre's success majorly depends on those varieties of plugins and Alf's DRM Removal plugins are the super stars among them. But many people are saying the Calibre's interface and user-experience are not that friendly for tech noobs. No mention the plugin installation, which would be another challenge for them. To help you use this free DRM Removal plugin smoothly, this article will cover these two issues: how to install DRM Removal Plugin to Calibre on Windows /Mac and how to remove eBook DRM with Calibre DRM Removal plugins.

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  4. Descargar Calibre Para Mac Gratis Y Bueno

Part 1. How to Install Dedrm Plugin to Calibre

Step 1. Install Calibre

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Descargar Calibre eBookBiblioteca Digital. Descarga gratis todas las versiones de Biblioteca Calibre eBook. Descarga de las versiones para Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS y Android.

Calibre is totally free to download and use, click the buttons below you can download the Windows and Mac versions directly.

Download for multiple platforms click here: http://calibre-ebook.com/download

Step 2. Download the DRM Removal plugin

Download the DeDRM Plugin V6.6.3 (released 2 June, 2018) here: http://download.epubor.com/sold/DeDRM_plugin.zip

GUI version for Windows GUI version for Mac GUI version for Linux

Step 3. Install the plugins to Calibre

Run Calibre, and click 'Preferences' in the top menu bar, then look at the bottom of the new window, you can see 'Plugins' in the 'Change calibre's behaviour' area.

Descargar Calibre Para Mac Gratis Descargar

In the plugins center, please click 'Load plugin from file'.

Find the DeDRM plugin you downloaded in the step 2, and click 'Open'. The Calibre will warn you about the security risk, click 'Yes' to proceed.

Finally you can see the success notification.

Back to the Plugin center you can see the plugin information in under 'File type plugins'.

Now the plugin is installed successfully, you can use Calibre to remove eBook DRM.

Part 2. How to Remove eBook DRM with Calibre DRM Removal Plugins

For now, this Dedrm plugin can remove DRM from Kindle eBooks (only downloaded to your kindle desktop application and kindle eink device), Barnes & Noble ePub ebooks (Because Nook has changed its DRM scheme, this DRM plugin does not work for Nook DRM any more.) , any ebooks using Adobe Digital Editions DRM (This includes ePubs from Kobo and Sony that are downloaded for Adobe Digital Editions. I have to mention that many vendors have strength their ADE DRM to force readers to download eBooks via ADE4.5 which may caused the DRM removal failure.), and the older Mobipocket and eReader ebooks.

Detailed stepsRemove DRM from eBooks with Calibre

Step 1. To remove DRM from eBooks, you just need to find your downloaded file and add them to Calibre.

Step 2. Once the book has been added successfully, DRM will be removed automatically.

Detailed stepsRemove DRM from Kindle device with Calibre

The above steps show you how to remove DRM from ebook downloaded to your computer directly. If you have books downloaded via Kindle devices, this part will show you how to remove drm from Kindle device with Calibre DRM removal plugin. Please note: Calibre DRM Removal plugin cannot handle ebook downloaded via Kindle device firmware higher than 5.10.2 because they are encrypted with a new Kindle KFX DRM.

Before we start the detailed steps, please find your Kindle serial Number and write it down at first. You will need it later. You can also watch the following video to know how to find a Kindle serial No.

Steo 1. Run Calibre, and find 'Preference'-->>Plugins.

Step 2. Then find 'File type plugins'-->>Select ' DeDRM (6.6.3) by Apprentice Alf....scripts' and then click on 'Customize Plugin'.

Step 3. A new window will pop up to let you configure your DeDRM. Select 'eInk Kindle eBooks' and fill in the kindle serial No. you have remembered at the very begining. Then click on 'OK“ button.


Step 4. Then go back to the main interface of Calibre and plugin your Kindle device. Find the 'Device' option at the top menu and select 'Show books in the main memory of the device'.

Step 5. All Kindle books from your device will be loaded in. Select the book you want to decrypt, right click the mouse and then choose 'Add books to Library' . You will see your selected books has been transferred to the main library of Calibre and the DRM has been removed in this process.

This process is a little bit difficult, right? Don't worry, follow the bonus tip to learn the easiest way to remove Kindle DRM.

Q1: DeDRM Kindle not working

A: Calibre Dedrm plugin does not work for Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC/MAC higher than version 1.25. So please downgrade your Kindle for PC/MAC to older version. Then use Calibre DRM removal plugin to remove Kindle DRM.

Q2: Can Calibre DRM Removal plugin handle iBooks DRM?

A: This DeDRM tool does not work for iBook anymore.

Q3: DeDRM plugin has installed successfully, but failed to remove DRM.

A: Please ensure the plugin installed is the latest version. You can always find the latest version at Github.

Calibre Mac Os

Bonus Tip: Best Calibre DRM Removal Plugin Alternative

Epubor provides a software called 'Epubor Ultimate' which can remove DRM from Amazon Kindle, Adobe Adept(including Kobo, Sony and Google eBooks), Barnes & Noble, Mobipocket and eReader eBooks.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

With this program you need not to download or install Calibre and the plugin. Just download and install the Epubor Ultimate, your books will be automatically detected and displayed at the left column. Drag them from the left to the right column, DRM will be removed at the following picture. Cannot be much easier, right?

If you are using the Kindle device, you will not be required to fill in your Kindle serial No. In addition, it only requires you to click one button, then you can remove the eBooks DRM. From all aspects, this way is far more easier than Calibre and the plugins.

Alf DRM Removal / Calibre DeDRM PluginEpubor Ultimate
More functions and features to manage eBooks
All-in-one tool;
Easy to use;
Clean interface;
7/24 Customer service with online livechat
ConsNot easy to use;
No customer service;
Paid software (free trial)

Calibre 64 Bit Windows 10

Here maybe you are interested in this video about the Epubor Ultimate.

Descargar Calibre Para Mac Gratis Y Bueno

Jonny Greenwood joined Epubor since 2011, loves everything about eBooks and eReaders. He seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all he has got with you.

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