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  1. How To Use Iphone Backup Extractor

The iPhone Backup Extractor is currently being used by over 2.5 million people and still counting. This figure includes only paid versions so it is popular. This is a simple software developed by “reincubate” meant to use for any Apple device using iOS to recover lost data (almost any kind of data stored on the iPhone device).

World's 1st iTunes Backup Extractor. Extract photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, and more. Compatible with the latest iOS devices. Preview and selectively extract what you want from the iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud backup. Export and print what you want from the iTunes backup to your computer. IPhone Backup Extractor can extract files from iTunes backups or iCloud and automatically returns a copy of your recovered iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch data. Broken your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Deleted something important. Failed iOS update.

How To Use Iphone Backup Extractor

This data may include iPhone calendar events, contacts, photos, videos, SMS, messages, notes, locations, data and app data from system applications such as iTunes and iCloud.

Like any typical software, this too has a free version and paid versions as well. It clearly indicates that there would be multiple limitations and access restrictions in the free version.

However, the differences between free and paid packages of the software are discussed later.

Is it popular among iPhone users or is it trusted?

The iPhone backup extractor is currently being used by over 2.5 million people and still counting. This figure includes only paid versions so certainly it is whole a lot popular.

Thus, the answer to the question above is certainly yes! There can’t be a trust issue since these much people are paying for their service (they can’t be a fool if I am not wrong).

Moreover, this is why free version is there. Use it with limited functionality and determine if the software is worth paying or not. Quite simple, isn’t it?

What data can be recovered with iPhone Backup Extractor?

As mentioned above, it is capable enough of recovering almost any kind of data if some minor exceptions are ignored. Here is a simple list of its capabilities:

  • Message conversations (system messenger app)
  • Photos
  • Any user data stored on internal storage including music, documents or let it be any
  • Contact lists
  • Videos
  • System recorded voicemails
  • User notes
  • Calendar event data
  • Restriction pin
  • Location data (stored by system app “location”)
  • Any app data. This includes games or any kind of external messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, etc (hope you get the idea)
  • Any other data present on phone let it be app data or user data
WorkDoes iphone backup extractor work on pc

How and when can it be used?

iPhone backup can recover / extract files and data from iTunes and iCloud backups. Once extraction is done a copy of returned iPhone, iPad or iPod touch data would be automatically returned to you.

Application developers, investigators, and integrators can easily access iCloud with the reincubate iCloud API included in the package. This also provides functionality for extracting, recovering and manipulating multiple types of iPhone operating system data.

Following are some circumstances in which iPhone backup extractor is whole a lot useful:

  • When you break down your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  • When you by mistakenly delete something really important (or may be your child do it)
  • When iOS update fails in middle of the process and all data is now gone

Supported iOS devices and iOSs

To be straightforward, it supports almost every Apple device that came out after iPhone 3G. However, here is a list of supported iOS devices with iPhone backup extractor:

  • iPad (Almost all present models)
  • iPod (limited models, exceptions are old models and very few)
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus

So, based on the device list above, it is clear that following iPhone operating systems are supported with iPhone Backup Extractor:

  • iOS 4
  • iOS 5
  • iOS 6
  • iOS 7
  • iOS 8
  • iOS 9
  • iOS 10

User-Friendly Functionality

To be honest, you will not require being an IT expert or tech geek to recover your lost iOS data thanks to this software. It has the simplest interface. As soon your device is detected, the main screen will provide you with various options to recover / extract. These options include images, videos, messages, call logs, contacts and much more.

Application view would make you able of recovering data for a specific application installed on your device, let it be a game or WhatsApp messenger. It is possible that you have thinking about this software since you have lost the restriction key. Well, there are only several clicks required to recover it with the help of iPhone backup extractor. It also allows viewing deleted messages from the device. You can pick between these messages what to recover and what to not.

Guarantee & Support

They do not have live chat support, however, all you have to do is just send their support team a mail about the issue and one of their executives will catch up with you through phone or email pretty soon enough. However, they do not have a 24/7 support and only replay on working days during working hours. However, their website clearly indicates if the support is online or offline so customers can simply check before calling / emailing for support.

They claim that customers can return the license within 30 days of purchase and NO QUESTIONS WOULD BE ASKED! However, they do not indicate if they would return the full or partial amount paid on return. It is not a risk downloading any of their packages since they are marked virus free by the publisher, clearly indicating that they would take the responsibility if any such case is found.

The ultimate question: Are paid packages worth buying?

Pretty yes! There is no space to criticize the functionality of the software since most of the glitches are sooner or later solved in their updates. Good thing is that the give limited access to the free version so it is quite easy to decide whether to buy it or not. According to me, it is worth buying and a price tag of their paid packages is quite reasonable. Most of these packages include 12 months of additional support and updates and extends the functionality to every available feature is unlocked.

You can download it from here.

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