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How WinCatalog 2020 DVD Catalog Software works

WinCatalog DVD Catalog Software scans your DVDs, remembers all the folders, files, and some additional information about your files such as thumbnail for video files, ID3 tags for music files, Exif tags for audio files, thumbnails for pictures, contents of archives and ISO files, parts of text files, tags from saved web pages, etc., and makes a catalog of all files from DVDs and other kinds of disks.

The main goal of WinCatalog DVD Catalog Software is to give an ability to browse and search through your DVD catalog even if when a DVD is not inserted to a computer.

For example, your files can be located on a removable hard drive, on a shared network folder, or burned on a CD, DVD, or a Blu-ray disk, and you will be able to find files with WinCatalog DVD Catalog Software and even preview their properties, including picture thumbnails, before inserting or connecting a DVD or any other disk to a computer.

Otherwise (if you do not use WinCatalog DVD Catalog Software), in order to find a file you would need to connect DVDs, CDs or other disks or insert DVDs, CDs one-by-one to find a specific file.

Dvd Database Software Mac

In other words, WinCatalog DVD Catalog Software saves your time and efforts in finding files on DVDs wherever they are located.

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