JingOS is a ‘convergent’ Linux-Based Open-Source OS for future tablets & laptops

It offers a brand new way to merge mobile and desktop experiences

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Dot os is Back with Android 11 Design Can even Beat Android 12 Custom Rom.Dot os 5.0 Custom Rom For Android Phones World Best Ui Official Dot OS Android 11. Click here to download the Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Windows Server driver installer. The Windows driver installer contains both VCP and D2XX drivers. For Windows 11, download the driver installer for desktop and universal driver versions. Drivers are available which allow FTDI devices to work with the following operating systems.

It can run both Linux apps and Android apps

It is adapted to run naturally with touch screen, stylus, keyboard, and trackpad

Others had an excellent experience, and Jide, the company behind this OS, promised better and improved future versions so I would not be surprised to see this OS gaining traction in the future. Important: Remix OS is built on Android-x86, please donate to Android-x86.

JingOS is not only a tablet OS, but also a desktop OS

In tablet mode, you can watch movies, read books, and play games using the mobile apps in JingOS

Switch to desktop mode for productivity by connecting a keyboard and a trackpad/mouse for coding, editing documents and so forth

JingOS is designed to be a mobile-first tablet OS

It comes with a lot of beautifully designed icons and animations

It is the most beautiful mobile Linux ever

JingOS brings the modern multitouch gestures to mobile Linux World

Swipe up! Pinch! Those intuitive gestures makes multitasking super easy

We connect Linux and Android apps through technology, making JingOS a ‘convergent’ Linux OS.

You can use Linux desktop apps for productivity, and use Android apps for entertainment.

More and more apps are coming to our AppStore.

*Android apps native support only available for ARM-based devices

JingOS also optimizes the gestures for your trackpad too.

You can use trackpad gestures similar to the screen gestures.

This brings a consistent experience when you are using your device in laptop mode.

Productivity is essential for future tablets.

With JingOS, you can get desktop-level experience with the web browser and WPS office.

We have made several native mobile Linux apps for JingOS, including Calculator, Clock, Files, Media Player, Photos, and Recorder…

Based on Linux,JingOS is super fast,light and secure!


This application note shows how to install a Star TSP100 series USB Printer using the futurePRNT Driver/Configuration Utility package. While these instructions were written using the TSP100ECO, this document suffices for the below models.

Supported Printers: TSP100II(ECO), TSP100U, TSP100IIIU, TSP100GT

Supported Interfaces: USB, PoweredUSB

Supported Environments: Windows 10 (32/64bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit), Windows 8 (32/64bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit), and Windows Vista (32/64 bit)

futurePRNT Installation

Ensure the printer is not connected to the computer at this point in time.

Future os download pc

Insert the CD into the CDROM driver or click “AutoRun.exe” in the main directory to execute the installer. If the CD was misplaced, the driver can be downloaded for free from the Star Micronics Global Support Site.

NOTE: When downloading the driver, please make sure to extract the file before click on “Autorun.exe”

Click Installation.

Click “I Accept”.

Click Next.

Enter Username and Organization and click Next.

Select Typical and then click Next.

Click Install.

The installer completes the installation of futurePRNT.

Click Finish.

Click Exit.

Congratulations, the futurePRNT driver has been successfully installed.

USB Printer Installation

Connect the TSP100 printer into the computer using the USB cable. The futurePRNT should have already been installed at this time.

Once connected, a window will appear saying, “Installing device…”.

The printer will try to install by itself.

The printer will be listed in Devices and Printers.

On the “Devices and Printers” screen, right-click anywhere on blank white area and a menu will appear. Click on Device Manager.

Future Os Download

The Device Manager screen will appear.

Under Other device the printer will be listed there. Right-click on the printer name and select Update Driver Software.

A new window will appear, so please click on either:

Future Os Download Pc

Search automatically for updated driver software.

Browser my computer for driver software.

Click Browse…

Browse to the TSP100CD or the downloaded file, select Windows folder, then select PrinterDriver and click OK.

Click Next.

Future Os Download Windows 10

It will begin installing the driver software.

It will confirm that, “Windows has successfully updated your driver software” then click Close.

The printer will be listed in Devices and Printer.

Confirming Successful Installation

Open Devices and Printer, then right-click on the “TSP100 Cutter (TSP143)” and select Printer Properties.

Click Print Test Page in the lower right-hand corner.

The printer will print out a Windows Test Page, confirming successful installation.

Click OK button to close the Star TSP100 Cutter properties windows.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed your Star TSP100 Series USB printer on Windows.

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