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Free download page for Project HospitalOS's HospitalOS-3.9.35-Setup.exe.Hospital OS is a hospital information system for small-sized hospitals (100 beds or less, 200 out-patients per day or less). Hospital OS was developed for the healthcare system of Thailand targe. Software Download Home; Windows. Windows 11; Windows 10; Windows 8.1; Windows 7.

Os Download Free

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NameSizeDateDownload count
HospiltalOS_3.9.58b01.zip 38.6 MB 2020-08-03 12:27 6
HospiltalOS_3.9.52b02.zip 12.0 MB 2018-10-24 19:19 10
HospiltalOS_3.9.51b02.zip 16.4 MB 2018-08-24 13:38 2
HospiltalOS_3.9.49b04.zip 11.3 MB 2018-06-19 16:35 0
HospiltalOS_3.9.49b02.zip 11.1 MB 2018-02-26 18:54 5
All Files
Patch Update
HospiltalOS_3.9.58b01.zip38.6 MB2020-08-03 12:276
HospiltalOS_3.9.52b02.zip12.0 MB2018-10-24 19:1910
HospiltalOS_3.9.51b02.zip16.4 MB2018-08-24 13:382
HospiltalOS_3.9.49b04.zip11.3 MB2018-06-19 16:350
HospiltalOS_3.9.49b02.zip11.1 MB2018-02-26 18:545
HospiltalOS_3.9.45b03.zip17.1 MB2017-05-23 19:4511
HospiltalOS_3.9.45b01.zip6.7 MB2016-04-28 13:198
3.9.43.zip10.1 MB2015-11-27 17:049
HospiltalOS_3.9.41b02.zip7.1 MB2015-08-13 18:1611
HospiltalOS_3.9.39b01.zip11.7 MB2014-12-26 13:343
HospiltalOS_3.9.37build03.zip23.7 MB2014-10-30 18:146
HospitalOS_3.9.36build07.zip23.9 MB2014-06-05 13:347
HospiltalOS_3.9.35build04.zip21.3 MB2013-11-26 12:5213
EClaim version 1_0_9.zip10.1 MB2017-02-27 19:1440
update_RP50NHSO_2560.zip0.6 KB2016-11-17 13:319
RP50 1.1.1.zip10.1 MB2016-07-14 19:345
RP50_version_1.0.9.zip10.1 MB2016-04-07 13:006
RP50NHSO 1.0.7.zip10.1 MB2016-04-07 12:596
EClaim version 1.0.8.zip9.9 MB2015-04-02 17:5921
eclaimreleaseeclaimversion1_0_6.zip11.2 MB2015-03-25 11:542
RP50NHSO_version_1.0.3.zip10.1 MB2015-01-26 18:268
RP50_version_1.0.8.zip10.1 MB2015-01-26 17:004
RP50NHSO1.0.2_Update.zip10.0 MB2014-12-03 20:1113
RP50NHSO.zip11.4 MB2014-12-03 19:566
DRGModule_1.0.5.zip6.6 MB2016-03-30 12:216
eGFR_Module_1.2.5.zip34.6 KB2016-03-14 12:502
MenuReport_2.6.1.zip57.2 KB2016-02-25 12:006
NCDMod_1.1.20140509.zip6.2 MB2016-02-25 12:002
DentalMod_1.10.100714.zip369.7 KB2014-12-01 14:116
DRGModule_1.0.3.zip6.6 MB2013-12-19 18:1510
NCDMod_1.1.20120920.zip6.2 MB2013-10-11 18:285
eGFR-LIS.zip2.8 MB2013-10-11 18:236
DepressionModule1.0.0_130856.zip57.5 KB2013-10-11 18:213
hospitalos lis interface.zip20.0 MB2016-03-24 12:1116
HospitalOS - Report Center 2.2.0 For Windows.zip29.6 MB2014-12-11 13:366
HospitalOS-3.9.35-Setup.exe122.2 MB2013-11-26 16:3052
HospitalOS-3.9.28-Setup_with_JRE.exe114.9 MB2013-10-11 19:4420
Manual Hos3.9.39.pdf7.4 MB2014-12-26 19:5533
CheckList_RP.pdf1.7 MB2014-05-07 16:4731
aquads-windows-x86-4.7.2.exe48.2 MB2014-12-15 13:216
RP56_1.1build17For36.zip32.2 MB2014-08-21 17:3310
RP56_1.1build17For37.zip32.1 MB2014-08-21 12:204
EClaim_1.0.4.zip24.8 MB2014-04-01 19:535
RP50_1.0.4.zip24.7 MB2014-04-01 19:408
Report Center 56 v 1.1 Build11.zip32.2 MB2013-11-12 17:308
Report_Center_1.2.0.zip26.1 MB2013-10-21 20:197
HosOldimgServer04.tgz1.8 MB2014-06-24 19:518
README.txt0.2 KB2014-06-24 18:4515
HosServer1404build03.tgz177.0 MB2014-06-24 17:1930
HosServer1204build14.tgz214.7 MB2014-06-17 17:0610
HosServer1404build02.tgz175.4 MB2014-06-17 13:036
README.txt38 B2014-06-17 12:543
HowToInstallGlassfish.pdf266.6 KB2014-06-17 12:5027
README.txt0.3 KB2014-06-17 12:535
glassfish0.5 KB2014-06-17 12:451
ImageModule.sql0.8 KB2014-03-20 11:325
Instant Glassfish
README.pdf188.3 KB2013-11-26 11:4111
GF_0428.7 MB2013-11-25 17:262
GF_0351.2 MB2013-11-25 17:223
GF_0251.2 MB2013-11-25 17:161
GF_0151.2 MB2013-11-25 17:101
GF_0051.2 MB2013-11-25 17:042
WAR Files
ImageModuleServlet.war1.3 MB2013-11-20 13:1089
postgresql-9.2-1002.jdbc4.jar566.2 KB2013-11-01 16:33122
glassfish-3.1.2.zip83.0 MB2013-11-01 16:331598
HosServer1204build11.tgz214.5 MB2014-03-21 13:064
HosServer1204build09.tgz214.5 MB2014-02-21 17:341
HosServer1204build07.tgz205.4 MB2014-01-28 18:195
README.txt0.1 KB2013-11-26 11:498
postgresql-9.2-1002.jdbc4.jar566.2 KB2013-11-05 13:3312
postgresql-9.2.4-1-linux-x64.run35.7 MB2013-11-05 13:331158

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Hospital Os Download

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