Direct Message for Instagram™ allows you sending Instagram direct messages from your desktop PC. InstaDirect – direct messages for Instagram™. Yes, to solve the problem with Instagram direct messages not working, you need just to enable the mobile view of your Instagram page. It’s not difficult at all but let’s admit that it’s not very convenient (okay, let’s be honest, it’s not convenient at all). Official IG web app.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram limits users to post and engage with if they’re logged in through a computer. From, you can normally scroll through your feeds and access the latest posts, but there’s no option for you to upload photos or watch stories, as well as the option to use the Direct Message service. What if you work consistently on a computer? Do you want to use Instagram’s DM service on your PC or Mac computer?

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Take it easy. In this guide, we’re going to explain how to check/view Direct Messages (DM) on Instagram from computer.

  • Way 1: Use Instagram App for Windows 10
  • Way 2: Use Bluestacks for Windows/Mac
  • Way 3: Use Third-party App for Instagram DM
  • Way 4: Use Instagram Direct Message Chrome
  • Bonus: How to Download Instagram Videos on PC/Mac

Way 1: Use Instagram App for Windows 10

Instagram now has an app on Windows Store, which lets you send photo and video as direct messages from desktop. You can download this free Instagram App for Windows, log in to your Instagram account to direct message on computer.

  1. Get the free Instagram app for Windows from Windows App Store.
  2. Install and launch the app on your Windows PC, then sign in on it.
  3. Tap on the “Direct message” icon and select your friend whom you want to direct message.
  4. To check your messages, click on the arrow icon and head to the conversation section to view them.

Note: This the easiest and most convenient method to direct message someone on Instagram from computer, but the downside is that it is only available for Windows 10 users.

Way 2: Use Bluestacks for Windows/Mac

Bluestacks Player is a free Android emulator that changes your Windows or Mac computer into an Android device. So you can sign in with Google account and install Instagram in the virtual Android device. Then you’re able to direct messages in Instagram on PC or Mac.

  1. Download Bluestacks from its official website, install and launch it on your computer.
  2. Log in to with your Google account and click on the “Right Arrow” located at the bottom right side of your screen.
  3. Once you are done, you will be redirected to the Bluestacks dashboard. Then go to Google Play Store, search and download the Instagram app.
  4. After that, open the Instagram app and login to your account. Then click on “Instagram Direct” and select the desired conversation to start messaging.

Note: Bluestacks has some bugs meanwhile. For example, users might fail to sign in, install Instagram or it may even slow down your PC. Once you find any problem with the tool, you can try to uninstall it and look for other methods.

Way 3: Use Third-party App for Instagram DM

There are many third-party apps which can be used to access Instagram on your computer. One such example is IG:dm – a free and open source project to continue your Instagram direct messages from your phone to your desktop. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Just download the right version from its official website and complete the installation process. Once you are done with the setup, you’ll be directed to a window with a search tab. There, you can search for any Instagram users and start a conversion.

Way 4: Use Instagram Direct Message Chrome

If you want to check and view Instagram direct messages on your PC or Mac without installing any apps and software, then this method is right for you. Direct Message Reader for Instagram allows you reading your latest Instagram DM on computer. With this Instagram Direct Message Chrome extension, you can receive notifications about new messages in Instagram. And you can access your Instagram DM in one click and read your messages directly in your browser. Please note that this extension is currently for reading only, no sending yet.

Bonus: How to Download Instagram Videos on PC/Mac

That’s it! Above are the exact methods on how to check & view direct message on Instagram from computer. Besides, there are times when you come across funny videos on Instagram and want to save Instagram videos to your computer. Well, it is also as easy as pie. On your PC or Mac, you can do it with a third-party video download tool. Fucosoft Video Downloader can help you download videos from Instagram on you computer in simple steps. Also, you can download videos from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sources. Moreover, this tool lets you convert downloaded videos to other popular formats, crop video, add watermark, add subtitles, and much more. Feel free to download it and have a try!

Follow these steps to download Instagram videos to your PC or Mac:

  1. Download, install and launch Fucosoft Instagram Video Downloader on your computer.
  2. Copy the Video URL on Instagram, back to the downloader and click “+Paste URL”, then the program will analyze the link automatically.
  3. Once the analyzing is finished, you can choose your desired format and resolution, then click “Download” to save the Instagram video to your computer.

Hope this article helped you to get what you want. If you like this post, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Also, if you have any queries or suggestions for us, then let us know in the comment section below.

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Ever received screenshots of messages shared between two people on Instagram that are funny as hell? You know, where someone sends the wrong message to one of their family members creating a hilarious and funny situation? Yes, those. Well, guess what? Most of these messages are not real but created using apps that provide a specific feature allowing users to fake Instagram direct messages.

If you want to create conversational messages between two friends or people that lead to hilarious situations, look no further. You don’t have to create two Instagram accounts and send messages back and forth or ask your friends to participate in the act. In fact, you can create an Instagram direct message conversation with pretty much anyone. Just download one of the below Android apps and fire away. Once ready, you can share them on WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Ready? Let’s begin.

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Disclaimer: These apps are for pranks only and we do not suggest or recommend our readers to use them in any way that is harmful, negative, or disrespectful towards anybody, intentional or otherwise.

Android Apps to Fake Instagram Direct Message

1. Fake Chat

Instagram Direct Message App Download

The first app in the list is Fake Chat. The way it works is simple. You tap on the ‘+’ icon to create the first profile where you will add your username and profile picture. This can be anything depending on who you are trying to prank. Once done, save the profile.

Now the repeat this process to create as many fake profiles as you want and there is no limit whatsoever. Now just tap on the profile name to open the chat window and begin chatting. You can send text messages, images, and even hearts if that’s what you want to send.

When you are typing a message, you will notice a green icon. If you press on it once, it will turn white. This is to change the status of the message and whether the message was sent or received. You can also tap once on the message to change its status anytime you want.

What about time? You can’t wait for the morning to begin the fake chat. Don’t worry, When you tap on the time entry on screen, a new popup will reveal itself allowing you to change date and time both.

Fake Chat is a simple to use app that will let you generate a fake Instagram direct message in no time. It is completely free to use but comes with annoying popup ads that can be removed with an in-app purchase.

Download Fake Chat (free, in-app purchases)

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2. Funsta

Funsta take things to the next level literally and offers so many ways to fake conversations on Instagram, you would be left wondering how you ever lived without this app. Where Fake Chat only allows you to fake Instagram direct messages, Funsta will also allow you to add and create Instagram Stories, create posts and even comment on those posts. This opens up a whole lot of possibilities for pranking your friends and people you know.

You will begin by creating a fake contact or a group of contacts. You can now add a profile pic and bio to that contact. To create a new post, select the ‘+’ icon and add a caption, and the number of Views and Liked count. This makes it look more authentic and real, no?

Instagram Direct Message App

What I really like about Funsta is the attention to detail developers have paid. At the time of creating a contact, there is an option to mark the profile as Verified. This adds another level of authenticity to the profile you are faking a direct message with. Especially, if it is a celeb or well-known profile you are faking.

Instagram Dms

Once everything is set up, you can simply select a profile and begin faking a two-way conversation. A pretty neat way to create hilarious jokes. The free version of the app is ad-supported but all the features are available so there is no need for the pro version unless you want to remove ads. The pro version will remove ads and unlock smart auto-reply feature.

Download Funsta (free, $3 for pro version)

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3. Social Prank

Ever wished that your post was liked by and commented upon by a celebrity? Well, Social Prank will make that dream come true. Create your profile and then create profiles of people or celebs with whom you want to fake a conversation with.


You can now create fake posts, comments, and likes using different profiles that you have created. This makes it easier to fake that a direct message conversation started between the two of you after the latter liked or commented upon a post made by you. More organic.

Social Prank makes things a little easier. You can add comments, likes, and counts right at the time of creating a new Instagram profile. In Funsta, you would have to create profiles first and then use it to like and comment on other profiles which is time-consuming and boring. Finally, you can send direct messages that look very much like the ones sent on Instagram. Just select the profile and tap on the airplane shaped icon on the top-right of the screen.

Download Social Prank (free with ads)

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4. Yazzy

Yazzy is a social media Swiss Knife of sorts. Not only can you create real looking fake profiles and direct messages for Instagram but also a number of other social media sites like Facebook’s Messenger, Telegram, and others. You begin by tapping on the Instagram option from the list of social media sites to open a default layout.

At first, it will look like an image or a screenshot however when you look closer, the whole layout can be easily edited by just tapping on it. You can edit various elements of the page like name, image, and even mobile elements like status bar and nav bar. This gives you more control because not smartphones are created equal and some show status and nav bar and while others do not.

Download Yazzy (free, in-app purchases)

5. insJoke

insJoke takes inspiration from the Social Prank app that I reviewed above. In fact, at first look, it looked almost like a clone to me but there are some subtle differences. You begin the same way. First create a couple of profiles inside which you can add comments, likes, and counts (Like and Comments) but unlike other apps, you can also add Location.

Instagram allows users to share their location which makes the fake DMs and profiles all the more real. The rest remains the same. You go on creating profiles and mimic direct message chats with them. You can then take screenshots and share them with your friends fooling them into believing that they were from real people.

Download insJoke (free with ads)

Fake Instagram Direct Message

These are some of the best Android apps to fake Instagram direct messages. While there are quite a few options available, I would recommend you to go with either Funsta or FakeChat. Why? Because I feel that they offer pretty much all the necessary features to get the job done and look authentic when compared with the original layout of Instagram. This is not to say that other apps are not good enough. I also like Social Prank for its default profile data and the ability to add multiple comments right at the time of creating a profile.

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