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Origin Access Basic. Access to The Vault, a library of games that just keeps growing all the time. Play any games that have already been added as much as you want for as long as you're a member. Dive into awesome titles like Battlefield™ 1, The Sims™ 4, Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2, Batman™: Arkham Origins, Mad Max and more!

In The Cycle, you join a deadly competition to complete as many contracts as possible and survive, before hostile alien wildlife, other players or the planet itself finish you off! Strike uneasy alliances with others, or take them out – cunning is the key to victory!

Intel Skin Epic Games

Greedy intergalactic corporations have returned to the planet Fortuna III, their goal: To extract all of its valuable resources, and they need YOU, a Prospector, to do their dirty work.

You have 20 minutes to complete as many contracts as possible and evacuate the planet; otherwise, the radiation storm called The Cycle will be your end.

Get your gun, outsmart the other Prospectors, and don’t lose focus – your goal is to get the most Victory Points and survive! Your rewards: Precious resources to craft a vast arsenal of weapons, armor kits, modifications and abilities manufactured by the factions. The best Prospectors always come prepared!

Special Offer: Receive an exclusive Intel Skin (boots, gloves and a chest plate - $18 Value)!

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