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You can download Motion Array video with full license. I'm sharing Motion Array Premium account, you can use anytime, one-click access.

  • Work faster with our extension for Adobe. Easily install, and start downloading directly to your projects. The Motion Array panel is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. I can grab any kind of stock asset without ever leaving Premiere Pro.
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Get unlimited downloads of video templates, stock videos, stock photos, royalty-free music and more, directly in your Creative Cloud applications.

Get unlimited downloads of video templates, stock videos, stock photos, royalty-free music and more, directly in your Creative Cloud applications.

Premiere Pro CC (2019) 13.0 - CC (2022) 22.0
Adobe’s privacy policy is not applicable to the use of this app, extension or integration. Please refer to the privacy policy provided by the developer or contact the developer directly for more information about their privacy practices.

With loads of creative assets, plugins, and a host of other features, Motion Array is the video maker's best friend. Now, our entire library of templates, stock video, royalty-free music, and more is available for download directly inside of your Adobe Creative Cloud apps.
Simply install the extension, log into your Motion Array account, and ditch the web browser. Search and browse for assets compatible with your software, then download and import with one click.
Find the perfect video clip, try multiple music tracks, or whip up various title options without ever leaving your program. Best of all, everything is included with your paid Motion Array membership.
Not ready to sign up for a monthly or annual membership? Create a free Motion Array account and download hundreds of free assets from the extension as well.
Let's make amazing videos together.

[1.5.2] - 2021-08-24
- Bug that caused panel to show connection issue error message when initializing in new host versions
[1.5.1] - 2021-01-19
- The 'Sort By' filter defaults to 'Most Relevant'
- Product names with an ellipsis causing a 'Location not available' error on Windows
[1.5.0] - 2020-10-28
- Integrated support form
- Splash announcement
[1.4.2] - 2020-10-13
- The resolutions filter exceeded the panel height and could not be scrolled
- The resolutions were not sorted properly
- Downloading paid products while on the continuity plan showed a general error
- When searching, the 'Most Popular' sorting got selected instead of 'Most Relevant'
- Product previews in downloads showed a download button
- The 'user email unconfirmed' message showed unnecessary instructions
[1.4.1] - 2020-07-17
- The search bar and filters were scrolled out of view when clicking 'Load More' and when toggling columns
[1.4.0] - 2020-07-07
- Ability to sign-up for a free account from the panel
- Support for Adobe prerelease versions
- Loading-screen on startup
- Drop-down menu for filters
- Now loads 36 video products instead of 24
- The default search category is now 'Stock Video' for PR, 'After Effects Templates' for AE and 'Stock Photos' for PS
- Products are automatically sorted by 'Most Popular' upon searching
- Support for CC2018
- Filters from the 'Sort By' drop-down menu
- The 'Everything' category
- The 'Stock Photos' introduction message
- Deactivated accounts were given a general error when downloading
- Files could be dropped onto the panel
- Dropdowns sometimes showed incorrect selections
[1.3.0] - 2020-04-16
- A note with P.R.O. information on audio downloads
- A `Retry` button on a failed search or user-downloads request
[1.2.1] - 2020-04-07
- The panel crashed when browsing audio products on Windows
- The panel slowed down the OS when browsing audio products on Mac
- Products for DaVinci and FCPX could be downloaded, but could not be imported
- The info was cut-off in the info panel on audio products
- Bulk uploaded Stock Photos did not have the correct filename
- The `Create` button failed when the download location was on an ejected disk
- Active downloads were still downloading after logging out
- The audio player was missing a loading state
- Download error messages were not specific
- Categories were not shown in the downloads media player
- Improved overall error handling
[1.2.0] - 2020-01-06
- New `Stock Photos` category
- Support for Photoshop 20.0 and up
- A message to introduce `Stock Photos`
- A toggle-button to set the number of columns
- Turned the `Open Folder` button into an icon-button
- The context-menu was disabled for text inputs
- Readability of attributes on small panel sizes
- Improved contrast between the player icons and the background
- The download list showing duplicate products
- Several issues with unzipping products
- Downloading the same product did not cancel the first
- The search term was not included when the category was changed before searching
- Support for CC2018 (will be removed in the next minor release)
[1.1.1] - 2019-11-11
- Audio items not playing in downloads
- After Effects presets installing in the wrong folder on AE 17.0
- Premiere Pro 3D LUTs (.3dl) were not yet supported
[1.1.0] - 2019-11-01
- Ability to change the download location
- Support for LUTs
- Button to `Copy System Info` from the `about` dialog
- Toggle plain text on the password field during login
- Button to create the download path when it doesn't exist
- Could not login by pressing the `Enter` key
- Product folder being created in AE before import fails
- The `new downloads available` badge still showing after the downloads dialog is closed
- Inputs being spellchecked
- Assets with uppercase file extension failing import
- Assets with names in Cyrillic not importing on MacOSX
- Not all `mogrt` and `preset` assets being installed
- Categories drop-down menu stops working
- Illegal characters in product names failing download
- Downloads dialog staying open upon auto-logout
- Panel crashing upon downloading an unavailable associated music product
- The `active downloads` badge disappearing during unzip
- The `Reveal Folder` button silently failing
[1.0.3] - 2019-10-03
- Specific previews only playing audio in CC18
- Audio previews not loading in CC18
- Panel reloading after clicking a link in the menu
- 'Show Free Items' button not working in upgrade message
[1.0.2] - 2019-09-26
- Password field adding extra characters
[1.0.1] - 2019-09-25
- Only showing 1080p products when filter is set to `Any`
- Resolution `3840 x 2160` added to the resolution filter
[1.0.0] - 2019-09-18
Initial release

After the Adobe Desktop app has installed the extension, you can launch it from the application's menu:
Window > Extensions > Motion Array

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