An important aspect of photo editing is retouching, specifically where you can remove unwanted objects from your photo. Maybe you want to remove a pimple, a wrinkle, or even an object in the background. This can be done with a tool usually called a heal brush, or a clone stamp. I have personally used all of these photo retouching apps at some point, so I can give my own insight into each one.

Pixelmator Classic. Overview Upgrade Tutorials FAQ Tech Specs. Upgrade to Pixelmator Pro, the latest and greatest version of Pixelmator. Pixelmator for iOS - Repair Tool from Pixelmator Team on Vimeo.


TouchRetouch is a great photo retouching app, and the one I use the most. Editing falls under four categories: object removal, quick repair, line removal, and clone stamp. Object removal lets you remove multiple objects from an image. You brush over the areas, then tap the Go button. Next, quick repair lets you make small, fast repairs one at a time. Line removal lets you quickly swipe over fences, power lines, or other straight elements to remove them. Finally, clone stamp lets you select a part of your image as a source, then brush over another area. Think of it as a copy and paste. It matches the area you selected, and is usually more subtle. For such a power app, App Store:US$1.99


Pixelmator is an alternative to Photoshop, and it has great editing tools. In my use of it, Pixelmator’s repair tool is excellent. There is a basic repair tool that lets you brush over unwanted things in a photo. And there is a clone stamp that lets you copy a certain area of an image and brush that area over a different area. Pixelmator is a great app for graphic designers, artists, and photographers. App Store: US$4.99.


Snapseed is a great multi-purpose photo editor by Google. Among a big selection of tools, Snapseed has a healing brush. Now, in my experience, I’ll say it up front: it’s not very good for removing large objects. If you want to remove a small pimple, piece of dust, or anything else, it’s fine. But for bigger things, you’ll find that the heal screws up the image. Thankfully, there is an undo button. There are no advanced healing tools either, such as a clone stamp or lasso. But Snapseed has other good tools, and that’s why I’ve kept it in my iPhone. App Store: Free


Enlight is another multi-purpose editing tool. I’ve moved away from it over the past year, but it’s still a great app to edit your photos. It combines Photoshop-esque tools with the filters of a more basic editing app. I didn’t find Enlight’s heal tool particularly great, but it is a bit better than Snapseed’s tool. Enlight has a heal brush, and a patch tool, which is essentially a clone stamp. The heal tool is awkward to use. You don’t brush over an element. Instead, there is a circular window that you can resize and place it on the image. It doesn’t match the surrounding area very well; it’s more like a blur. So each heal is noticeable unless they are small. The patch tool is only slightly better. App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Like TouchRetouch, Photoshop Fix is a dedicated retouching tool. Adobe knows photos, and that experience shows in each app. I would rate Photoshop Fix’s healing tools on par with TouchRetouch. You can adjust the size and hardness of the spot heal, and brush over unwanted elements as you’d expect. Additionally, there is both a patch tool and a clone stamp. App Store: Free

How do you remove unwanted objects?

5 Free Android Apps to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos:

  1. Adobe Photoshop Fix. This app is widely used by Android users to remove unwanted objects from images.
  2. Remove Object.
  3. PixelRetouch.
  4. YouCam Perfect.
  5. TouchRemove.

How can I remove an object from a picture for free?

Top 11 Apps to Remove Objects from Pictures

  1. Adobe Photoshop Fix – Pocket Photoshop to realize all creative goals – Android.
  2. Clip Studio Paint – Designed for drawing – Android iOS.
  3. TouchRetouch – For quick and easy objects removal – iOS.
  4. Pixelmator – Fast and powerful – iOS.
  5. Enlight – Perfect tool for basic edits – iOS.

How do I remove an object from a photo online?

How to Easily Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos Online

  1. PhotoScissors. Easily Remove Backgrounds from Photos!
  2. iResizer. Scale an image without changing important visual content such as people, buildings, animals, etc.
  3. PhotoStitcher.
  4. FolderIco.

Which tool is used to remove an unwanted object from the image?

Adobe Photoshop Fix. This app is widely used by Android users to remove unwanted objects from images. Remove Object.

Which tool removes unwanted portion of an image?

Clone Stamp is a tool in Photoshop that lets you copy pixels from one part of an image and transfer them onto another. It functions much as the Brush tool does, except it’s used for painting pixels. It’s a great way to remove an unwanted background object without a trace.

How do you replace an object in Photoshop?

Choose Layer→Smart Objects→Replace Contents. In the Place dialog box, locate your new file and click the Place button. Click OK if you’re presented with a dialog box, and the new contents pop into place, replacing the old contents. All instances of that Smart Object are also updated in your document.

Pixelmator Remove Object From Photo

How can I remove something from a photo for free?

How to Remove Unwanted Objects from a Photo?

  1. Click the “Edit a Photo” button on Fotor’s homepage, and import your image.
  2. Go to “Beauty” and then choose “Clone”.
  3. Adjust the brush size, intensity, and fade.
  4. Use brush to clone one natural part of the image to cover the unwanted object.

Pixelmator Remove Object Free

Pixelmator Remove Object

How do I remove an object from a picture online for free?

Eraser Transparency Tool

Pixelmator Remove Object

  1. Use Lunapic’s Eraser tool to make parts of your image ransparent.
  2. Use form above to pick an image file or URL.
  3. Adjust the eraser size for large or small brush strokes.
  4. Then, easily remove parts of your image and make it transparent.

How to remove multiple objects in Adobe Photoshop?

The Object Selection tool is a good choice for selecting a single object when there are multiple objects in a scene. Select the Object Selection tool in the Toolbar and drag a loose rectangle or lasso around the item you want to remove.

Pixelmator Remove Object From Photo

How do you delete an object in illustrator?

Select the objects and then press Backspace (Windows) or Delete. Select the objects and then choose Edit > Clear or Edit > Cut. Select the items you want to delete in the Layers panel, and then click the Delete icon .

How do you delete an object in InDesign?

Here’s how to delete objects: Using either selection tool, select the object or objects you want to delete and then press the Delete key or Backspace key. You can also delete a selected item by choosing Edit –> Clear.

How to remove an object from Adobe Acrobat Pro?

Pixelmator Remove Object

Select the Object Selection tool in the Toolbar and drag a loose rectangle or lasso around the item you want to remove. The tool automatically identifies the object inside the area you define and shrinks the selection to the object edges. The Object Selection tool usually makes a tight selection at the edges of an object.

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