I offer proofreading and editing services for all sorts of content, including but not limited to those listed in the table below.

Type of writing Examples
Academic work Essays; personal statements; research proposals; theses
Advertising and publicity Flyers; leaflets; posters; websites
Creative writing (fiction and nonfiction) Articles; novels; short stories
Information dissemination Bulletins; letters; newsletters
Job applications Curricula vitae/CVs; personal statements
Presentations Posters; slides
Technical writing Constitutional documents; manuals; reports

Find out more about the services available and their costs in the sections below. You can also get a rough estimate of the cost of a job and submit a service request.

  Proofreading: basic Proofreading: advanced Editing: basic Editing: advanced3
Base rate1 (per 1000 words2) £10 £15 £20 £25
Arguments (logic/sense)      

1 The base rate is for work supplied in Microsoft Word format written in fluent or near-fluent English with a turnaround of 2-3 working days (up to 5000 words – for larger pieces turnaround times are negotiated). Additional costs are outlined below for work supplied in other formats, written in non-fluent/low proficiency English or with a shorter required turnaround.

2 Work under 1000 words will be charged at 1000 words. Work above 1000 words will be charged per word (e.g. 1100 words at the base rate would cost £11).

3 For advanced editing of academic work, it’s best to send a sample first so that I can evaluate whether I could do justice to the work. If a high level of subject knowledge is necessary to understand the arguments, I may be unable to offer this service.

Work provided as PDF £2.50 per 1000 words Not recommended – markup capabilities are limited on PDFs therefore detailed amendments to spelling, grammar and punctuation are less easy to communicate.
Handwritten work £7.50 per 1000 words  
Low English language proficiency £5 per 1000 words Send a sample for an evaluation of proficiency.
24-hour turnaround 2x the base rate

Maximum word count:

  • 5000 for basic proofreading
  • 4000 for advanced proofreading
  • 3000 for basic editing
  • 2000 for advanced editing

Email to check if this service is available on any given day.

Chaya Manawamma

Andy is a proofreader with attention to detail. They have proofread my academic work with enthusiasm. They not only focus on spelling, grammar and punctuation but also on the core ideas of sentences to see if the idea has been expressed with clarity. I would definitely recommend Andy as a meticulous proofreader!

Anu Priya

I am extremely impressed with the quality of Andy’s proofreading service. They take time to get to know the piece of work, the audience it is intended for and personalise the service to reflect this. Not only do they do the general run through correcting errors you would expect from a proofreading service, they also take time to understand the concepts or ideas that you have tried to put across in your writing and make suggestions for improvements. Andy has proofread various pieces of work for me, from job applications to reports for work. I have always been very happy with the service. They have always kept to the deadline and been very professional. I couldn’t recommend Andy’s proofreading service enough. I will certainly keep going back to them for all my proofreading requirements.

Dasha Zhurauskaya

Andy is an extremely efficient proofreader and editor with great attention to detail. They are experienced in editing a variety of genres from magazine articles to academic essays. They have always suggested good and thoughtful ideas which helped me improve my writing in the future. I will definitely keep using their services in the future.

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Work provided as PDFHandwritten workLow English language proficiency24-hour turnaround

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