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The number one mod of 2019, according to the community at ModDB, is Star Wars Empire at War Remake: Galactic Civil War. This excellent mod doesn’t just add new units and enhanced visuals, it. I bounced off Star Wars: Empire At War when it was new, but the siren call of modding beckoned me back. Playing a bit like a 4X strategy game in fast-forward, there's no base building and little micromanagement to be done in Empire At War. Star Wars Celebrate the Saga Galactic Empire. User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 84 reviews. Your price for this item is $ 19.99.

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Star Wars fans finally get to play a strategy game worthy of the license.

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Star Wars Empire At War 2019

The Star Wars franchise has seen its share of great action games, role-playing games, and space-combat simulators, but the strategy genre is something that, for some reason, has proved elusive for LucasArts to truly capture. The efforts to date, including Rebellion, Force Commander, and Galactic Battlegrounds, have ranged from poor to pretty good. Petroglyph's Empire at War is the game that's finally gotten the formula down just right. In Empire at War, the action takes place both in outer space and on the surface of planets, but the interconnection of the two is one of many important strategic aspects that you'll consider as you make your way through the campaign and galactic conquest scenarios. Logical differences in the optimal playing style between the Empire and Rebellion, as well as an epic presentation befitting of the license, contribute to a fantastic overall package that any strategy-game player can appreciate, whether you have a stormtrooper outfit in your closet or you just have a passing familiarity with the films.