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From NTC to regulate cable TV chatrooms:

Cable television (CATV) channels with chatroom formats will now be regulated by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to ensure that only “wholesome” messages are shown on air.

Textmate Number 2018 2017

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Under the new rules, all CATV stations with chatroom formats are required to employ the use of Automated Filter Dictionary (AFD) for their chatroom channels. The software for the AFD is capable of automatically masking pre-determined words or phrases not suitable for cablecasting; of previewing all messages prior to broadcasting; of providing the operator the facility to edit or delete messages upon examination of the same; and of automatically screening and blocking messages from cellular mobile numbers previously banned from the chatroom.

CATV operators with chatroom channels shall be responsible for putting up an administrator who shall oversee the operation of the chatroom and shall be responsible for the operation of the AFD and the updating of its database, among others. The administrator shall be operated whenever the channel is cablecasted and shall be situated at the head-end station of the CATV or at a remote location duly registered and approved by the NTC.

Who will provide this “AFD” software? Is there a specification to follow? If all messages will be previewed, why should a filter be used? Or will it be messages matching a pattern that will be screened? If there will be a “bad words” filter, users can easily type them another way. They could also type nasty messages without using a single “bad word.”

The NTC now also requires all chatroom channels to place an advisory informing all chatroom users to refrain from sending messages containing indecent, profane, obscene, malicious language and content, and all other words and phrases not suitable for cablecasting.

I believe this is already in place.

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Back in January 2005, these channels were shut down due to complaints they were used for prostitutio and did not regulate explicit messages and language . See RP cable operators ordered to stop TV chat channels

This is close to a long-standing dream of some: Internet censorship. Except this chatting is not on the Net but on a substitute: SMS + TV.

Textmate Number 2018 Free

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