Since 2010, volunteering has been a big part of my life. Recently I reduced my voluntary commitments in preparation for starting my PhD (which included a move from York to London), but I do still contribute to a few projects to varying degrees. Current involvement and a few highlights from the past few years are provided below. For a full list of previous voluntary roles, check out my LinkedIn profile.

In October 2016 I joined the new Everyday Cissexism campaign (@CissexismDaily) which, inspired by Everyday Sexism (@EverydaySexism), documents acts that reinforce gender binaries and essentialism.

From August 2016 I’ve been involved in Trans Media Watch, an organisation that holds the media to account and promotes good, positive practice in representing trans people. Hopefully more on this as my length of service increases!

Until April 2016 I led York LGBT History Month, a charity formed following a successful collaborative, city-wide campaign for LGBT History Month 2014 in York which I initiated and coordinated on behalf of York St John University. Below is the programme from this year’s festival, featuring nearly 50 events. Take a look at the York LGBT History Month website for more information on the organisation and its past and present activities. I’m now an Assistant Coordinator (remotely) and currently do the majority of website management.

I was a local election candidate in York’s Guildhall ward for the Green Party in the 2015 local elections, having been involved in York Green Party since 2012. I’d previously helped out with work including canvassing and leaflet design. I remained involved in the national LGBTIQ Greens committee as a non-portfolio member until August 2016. These days I’m more of a non-partisan radical/far-left socialist, aware of flaws in all major political parties and in (the reality of) party politics itself.

Other organisations with which I’ve had substantial voluntary (and non-academic) involvement in the past include:

  • York Vegans/York VegFest as Vice Chair for a short period, preparing a simple website ready for development and gathering best practice guidance from similar organisations across the country;
  • York Pride, first as Secretary in its first few years as an independent entity, then later for a short period as a Support Officer;
  • York LGBT Forum as Secretary for a little over a year;
  • University of York Graduate Students’ Association – a students’ union specifically serving postgraduates at the University of York – as a Student Trustee;
  • York St John Students’ Union, in various roles including Volunteering Officer/Union Councillor;
  • York Mind, producing videos on mental health;
  • Rogue Frame Productions [now defunct], supporting the production of music videos and a short film.