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The SoundShifter consists of 3 main components –. Parametric SoundShifter – Designed to shift the speed and pitch of a selection with a fixed ratio. SoundShifter Pitch – Parametric Pitch only, made for real-time pitch processing of any given signal. Graphic SoundShifter – Allows changing the ratio through the.

Looking for alternatives to soundshifter for bending pitch as an effect plugin as I'd like to avoid Waves if possible.

Best Pitch Shifting Plugin

I tried PITCHA which is free but this causes unnatural artifacts for a lot of sounds.

I also looked at MAutoPitch but this seems to be more for real time tuning (maybe there's a way to adjust pitch that I haven't found? You can detune but it only goes up to one semitone and still applies the real time tuning effect).

Pitcher from FL Studio has the same issue, and FL Studio's frequency shifter doesn't seem to work on pitch the same way.


Any alternatives worth checking out? Or am I stuck with buying Soundshifter for this?



Pitch is one of the key fundamental aspects underlying all music. Intrinsically intertwined with melody and harmony, play somebody a well-known tune using anything that can produce a few tones, be it a child's music box, a sine wave generator, or a grand piano, and they will have no problem identifying it. That's the power of pitch, and when you marry up great tunes with compelling rhythms, you have pretty much all you need to make awesome music.

Waves Graphic Soundshifter Youtube

Modern software gives you the tools you need to transform music in a way that would leave a 17th-century composer gawping like a fish on a space station. Want to harmonise a melody with nothing more than a few clicks? Done. Need to knock a few dodgy notes in a recorded melody into tune? We've got you covered.

Soundshifter Pitch Stereo

Pitchshifting tools come in all shapes and sizes. Click through the gallery to check out our top 10 creative pitchshifting plugins, there could be something in there for you.

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